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Today I am grateful for:

1) comfort food and Advil. (Pho delivered from our favorite Vietnamese place and Advil for my aching muscles.)

2) hot, fresh brewed coffee.

3) having a job that allows me to give so much of myself to my amazing clients. And to have to time to recharge my batteries and take care of myself. (Pedicure tomorrow, massage for me on Tuesday!)



How is this month half over?! I don’t understand! I have to remember to call my friend’s spa and schedule a massage for myself next week. I hurt after this work week. One more day. 2 one hour massages, a facial, 2 brow waxes, and 2 face waxes. I got this. This will be the best week I’ve had so far this year. 👍🏻

Today I am grateful for:

1) having a vacation to look forward to.

2) Joel McHale being on Netflix.

3) beautiful sunsets after a day of pouring rain.


My work week is kicking my ass! Feels so good though! There’s a leak in my office, but I’m taking it in stride. Staying positive, keeping the work flow. Oh, and I’M getting a massage next week!

Today I am grateful for:

1) good breaks. (The roads are super slick!)

2) clients that surprise me with dinner. This happens a bit more often then I ever thought it would, but man, I appreciate it!

3) coming home to cats.


Super satisfying work day today. But I’m ready for our mini vacay in less than a couple weeks. I’m taking 5 days off (!) and we are going to get out of town for a couple of those days too. About three times a year I take 5-6 days off in a row, and then once or twice a month I try to take an additional day off. This allows my body to rest and recover from all the massages I give and allows me to get some stuff done. I tend to veg out on days off if we haven’t gone adventuring for the day.

Today I am grateful for:

1) rain, plus thunder and lighting storms.

2) new clients.

3) quite moments between clients. (Got a bit more of that today than I originally thought I would, I try to plan for that, doesn’t always work out.)


Tuesday’s are my day off, and despite the rain, I ran some errands today, including driving across town to my parents house. Before stopping there, I grabbed coffee and went into my favorite used book store.

This store takes used books and gives you credit. The credit then allows you to take 50% off your next purchase. I have a running credit there. I’ve literally had it since I was 10. For 27 years I’ve brought books in and rarely left without purchasing more. My dad even goes in there and buys books using my credit because I have so much. (I buy best sellers on discount from eBay and then after reading I take the used shop. They don’t usually have current hardcover best sellers at the shop, but I get the most credit possible buy bringing them in after reading. It’s a win-win.)

Today I was looking though the stacks after leaving my bag of trade-ins at the front counter. I ended up chatting with the owners for 45 minutes. This was not in my game plan today. While I was trying to figure out how to politely leave, I also reminded myself that there was a reason for this. It was the universe that planted me there for the conversation for one reason or another. I took a deep breath and just accepted that I was going to be late getting to my folks. Usually on my Tuesday’s off I try to interact with people as little as usual. Today my presence was needed and I just stood and listen. I got a good earful of their life stories. Made me appreciate their little business more. Made me value where I’m spending my money, and today, where I spent my time.

After I got to my folks (and finished my coffee) my mom had me go though her china cabinet and take a few things home with me. I really didn’t want to do this. I felt weird about it. I know my parents are getting older, but still… Dad was glad I took a decanter that had matching glasses. My great-aunt purchased the set in England, and then my grandma had them after she passed. My dad felt that my brother and his wife wouldn’t appreciate them, he also knew that we’d actually use the set. That seemed to make him and my mom happy that I was willing to make space for the items in my home. Even though I don’t really have the space just at the moment.

Today I am grateful for:

1) being found entertaining and interesting by my 6 year old niece.

2) dad jokes.

3) my mom’s need to give.


I worked all day today. I missed my coach playing donkey basketball in a fundraiser at his school. Apparently, it was the thing to see tonight. Oh well. I worked my ass off making people feel good.

Today I am grateful for:

1) my office being so close to Safeway.

2) my clients all being on time today. And excited to be in the treatment room on a Monday!

3) quite, end of the day moments.


While I strongly dislike the “springing forward” of the clocks, today was productive despite the lost hour. I updated playlists on my phone and iPod. I did my laundry, washed the sheets and blankets from the bed and remade the whole thing. I challenged myself to increase the speed on the treadmill today. Scary, but needed. I have to press past my fears that “I can’t”.

I cleaned out some more stuff in my closet, which has been an on going process. I have purged so many unworn clothes and shoes. Unused purses went today. LOTS of them. If it was something that I haven’t worn or used since we got married (nearly 8 years ago!), I have made a point of sending the item along it’s way to the nearest secondhand store. The shelving in my closet is an inexpensive wire shelving setup that the last owner of our condo did. Most of it collapsed in June last summer, another portion of it also fell apart today. Margie is going to help me set something else up in the closet later in the spring/early summer. Full closet redo, but I don’t want anything in there that isn’t worth keeping. I digress. Not what today’s post is supposed to be.

Coach came home this afternoon from the clinic he went to all excited about future ideas and prospects. I have to admit, I kind of am too.

Today i am grateful for:

1) 70 degree days before a week full of rainy days.

2) personal challenges, how else do we get better?

3) an insane looking workweek. My hustle game is going to pay for future vacations. #WorkToLive


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