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The Balm Haul Part 2

I love The Balm eye shadows and I love that i was able to customize my own compact! They had different compacts to choose from, so not only are the shadows hand picked, so was the cute compact! Their formula is long lasing and doesn’t crease on me. I do use their eye shadow primer as well. this was so worth the splurge and I honestly probably never would have done it has they not have had the sale!


The Balm Haul Part 1

The Balm had a 50% off flash sale a few weeks ago, and I wanted to share part of my haul with you.  These are two items I really wanted to try. 
Time Balm Foundation

The Compact with Included Sponge. I end up not liking this at all. It broke me out pretty badly. I may try it again, but we”ll see. 

This I was stoked to try and I loved it so much! Gives me a nice color all day and i can build it up the intensity that i want. Perfect for the end of summer!

Homemade Hand Scrub Recipe

I made this amazing hand scrub for an event that I am doing next week and wanted to share the recipe with you. This can be adjusted or customized in so many different ways, but so fun and so worth it!



Lavender, Peppermint, Rosemary

Hand and Body Scrub


1/2 tbsp of dried lavender buds

1/2 tbsp of dried rosemary

1 tbsp of raw shea butter

4 tbsp of cold pressed coconut oil (non-fractionated)

3/4 cup – 1 cup of organic cane sugar

(more sugar = a “scrubbier” scrub)


8 drops of rosemary essential oil

12 drops of peppermint essential oil

16 drops of lavender oil

(can adjust essential oils to preference)


  1. melt coconut oil and blend with shea butter
  2. use blender or mortar and pestle to grind the dried rosemary

and lavender into smaller pieces, add to oils.

  1. gradually add sugar, mixing in between.
  2. add essential oils


makes approx. 8 ounces

Rodan and Fields Favorites

A few of my favorites. I don’t always order my whole kit every two months, but I at least need my favorite products! 

The Football Team Shouldn’t Win All Those Games. WTF?

Today CC comes home and informs me that a band parent came to him and complained about the lack of seating available in the stands. Her issue was that the football team wins too much which leads to a lack of seating available to band parents/families because people are crowded into the stands to watch the game. Her argument was then that people don’t come to the games to watch football, they come to hear the band.

Um, no.

I was a choir nerd in high school, one of our coaches was a band geek, and even he called bullshit. I love the musical entertainment at games, it helps to liven the atmosphere. But people don’t come to high school games just for the band, regardless of how many awards they won. People come to football games to watch football. 

Even our cheer coach needed a mind reset on this popular topic a few years ago too. She tried to argue that people come to see the cheerleaders. Again, integral part of the experience, not the whole reason. 

When your team on average puts up 31 points in the first half, that’s why people are coming to games. People are coming to see you win games and put on a good show. When your defense is running over people and holding teams back, that’s what puts butts in the seats. A great band is awesome, but that’s not why I am there, and I’ll bet that isn’t why any football parents come either. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love our band, I love the support, but this parent has got to be kidding me. If there wasn’t a football game, your kid wouldn’t be out on a Friday night parading around with their trumpet in front of 3,000 people. I’m just saying. 

Sephora Play September

How amazing is this?! Look at these goodies! Can’t wait to get these on today! 

Football Update

Week #3 of football is a bye week for us. Next week we jump into league play. We played what is known as a “0 week” game, which allowed us to get a bye week in. We all kind of needed it. Especially my coach. He’s tired, and overloaded. He’s also the Athletic Director, so he always has a lot to do. We’ve had some late Friday nights. Including an away game 90 minutes away! That took a week to recover from! 
Anyway, we are 2-1. Great place to be. Sitting at the top going into league play after this week. Only one other team in our league might tie with us after friday, but we’ll see. We open league play with the most challenging team in our league. Finger are crossed. You never know what can happen any given Friday. 
CC and I are trying to get some time in together to just enjoy each other’s company. It’s not easy. He’s tired, I’ve been working a lot of evenings. I could use a day trip to the ocean, but I’m thinking that might have to wait until October. It’s amazing how the seasons and months are creeping up. Before we know it, football will be over and I’ll be putting up a Christmas tree. I’m not ready for that, but I can’t wait for cooler weather. 

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