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April 26, 2013

Yesterday was as close as I ever come to having a bad day at work. It happens so rarely that I feel like I don’t deal very well with it. I wasn’t feeling so great yesterday as it was, but once I got out to my friend’s spa, it just got worse. First I had a pedicure I was unaware of. I always ask that I am called when they schedule me a pedicure, I don’t always bring my supplies with me and yesterday was one of those days. Now I was scrambling around the spa to try to find all the necessary tools. (They were all eventually located, but I still made do without a base coat and proper cuticle nippers. I also had to half ass French tips, but she loved them. Not my best pedi, but she was happy, that’s what mattered.)

My first appointment of the day there was a full leg wax plus a bikini wax. I ran out of wax before I got to her bikini and then had to scramble to locate more soft wax. To top it off, I wasn’t feeling well and the room I was working in was so damn hot. I’m not a fan of sweating as it is, but I hate being that hot while I am working. Its distracting and gross. It was bad. She was happy to be hair free, but I felt awful about running out of wax and running around room to room locking for more. Although it was a good break for me to get out of the sweltering room. My client after her was a wonderful woman that was sweet and very nice. We did a relaxing massage and a facial. She was exactly what I needed to balance the drama in my previous service. My pedicure followed that service, and after I watered all the outdoor plants at the spa, I was relieved to go to Target before heading home. First I stopped by the bank to deposit my paycheck and had to stand in a 4 deep line at the ATM. The guy in front of me took FOREVER, but I took the moment to breath, enjoy the evening breeze and tried to let go of my day.

At Target I found everything on my list quickly, including a bathing suit I saw online that I was hoping would be as flattering as it looked on the blogger, and ta-da! It was! $34.99, well structured and the first suit I have bought in years! I needed a new one and I actually hope that I get to wear it this summer. I also picked out a baby shower gift for my friend’s shower Sunday. Her sister called me last night, I still need 4 more bottles of polish for the favors. Sigh. I lingered in the cosmetics hoping to buy a little something fun for myself, but came out empty handed. The checker stole my last bit of energy from me. Target has this ATM card that you can get that saves you 5% when you shop. I know about it and I don’t care. I had to write a check anyway and I don’t care that I would have saved $6 last night and I didn’t need to be badgered about it. He was relentless and I may have been overly sensitive since it was the end of my day and I just wanted to go home. I finally had to make it very clear to him I didn’t care and just please finish my transaction. He then says, “But don’t you work hard for your money?” I told him that I am self employed and I enjoy spending my hard earned money and if I it cost me $6 more then it needed to, then it was mu prerogative to not have extra money for coffee. They must get a commission for signing people up.

I finally got home around 8:15 and CC was nearly done making dinner and I happily discovered K was coming over to join us. I had two beers and was happy as a clam by the time she got there. We had dinner together and enjoyed a lovely meal of homemade tacos. I was happy about the beer because all we had in the way of wine was Merlot and I don’t drink Merlot. It was absolutely a night that I needed a drink to relax with. After dinner K and I wrapped her thighs. She had bought product from me last month and we hadn’t wrapped her yet. She was wanting to do her thighs and we finally had time to do so. After securing the wraps with plastic wrap, we made a late night Wal Mart run for ice cream that ended up including nail polish, facial masks and odds and ends of essentials like tea and coffee creamer.

K was all the giggles and girly craziness I needed to make up for my day. I went to bed content and not even slightly stressed. The next few days, including today are going to be long and busy, but I am looking forward to them. Our big football fundraiser is tonight, I really hope it goes well.


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