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Odd and Ends.

May 18, 2013

This wasn’t an easy work week. Between drama in our home brought on because of crazy football parents, and the joys of home ownership, and some tough clients for me, I am glad to see Sunday come. (We also have super fun plans tomorrow that include fondue and a sci-fi movie that I am looking forward to, but I’m getting a head of myself!)

I’ll start with work because my football rant will go long. I have amazing clients. They are wonderful. A lot of them have became friends of mine and some are ones that I do see socially because we have gotten so close. I had a brand new client this week who’s mom died the day before. She didn’t know me from Adam and was obviously very emotionally drained when she walked through the door. I didn’t pry, I didn’t ask what happened. She let her words pour out of her and then apologized for unloading on me. She told me that she wanted to get out of her head and escape for an hour. I told her that I could do that. I gave her a simple, therapeutic, relaxing massage. I didn’t speak. I heard her sniffle occasionally, and only responded by putting a box of Kleenex on the floor under the face cradle. I talked to her softly when I needed feedback or asked her to turn over. She fell quiet and was eventually asleep. When I finished the hour I told her to take her time and come out when she was ready. She greeted me in the lobby with a smile, a hug, and a thank you. It was exactly what she needed.

Sometimes the hardest clients to work on are the ones dealing with death. You don’t want to take that on or take it home, that’s not your responsibility. All I need to do is pamper and love. Human touch is powerful, its healing, and that can easily be shared in a massage. That afternoon proved it. The rest of the week was up and down. My regulars were easy, scheduled 3 more additional new clients (yea!), had some odd reschedules and one overly needy client that I was relieved to have the energy to be patient with!

Football was different. We are still dealing with the fallout of issues from our fundraiser last month. I meant to do a whole post on that, but it got away from me. Besides people not doing jobs they were elected to do, the booster club president getting HAMMERED DRUNK, and her father taking our recyclables for himself (K successfully stole them back, and recycled them.), we made enough money to buy ALL the equipment CC was hoping we could. CC is in Spring football. He is one week in, one week of the best practices he says he’s ever had, a week of evaluating and watching progress and hard work in the weight room pay off.

After practice on Tuesday he got a phone call from a player asking if he was going to be a starter in the fall. CC was shocked, spring ball has just started, he’s not even that far out yet. CC told him that eventually the hardest working 11 guys will start. The guys more concerned with winning games, not just wearing the jersey or those overly concerned with wanting to be starters, will start. CC wants team players, not individual superstars. Apparently this child’s dad was eavesdropping on the conversation, CC later found out that the dad made the kid call him, and snatched the phone from his own child when he perceived that CC was not giving him the correct answer. This parent then proceeded to tell CC that his kid was going to be a starter because “he’s paid his dues’. When CC tried to explain that it didn’t work that way, the parent got irate with him. CC swiftly put the parent in his place and hung up on him.

My husband, the HEAD coach, doesn’t discuss several things with parents, this includes and is not limited to the following: positions on the field, playing time, whether or not your child is starting (although he will discuss what your kid can do to become a starter.), play calls or running a different offense/defense. CC has always been willing to sit down and explain his offense with parents (he runs the Wing-T), but he’s absolutely NOT going to change it because “the spread makes more sense, don’t you agree?” This has actually happened. I don’t know who these parents think they are. It boggles my mind. If you think that you can do it better, then you come coach. You sacrifice time with your family and friends. You can sacrifice your free time, your ability to take vacations whenever. You can miss birthdays and weddings because you have to prepare your 40+ varsity football players for fall football. Don’t want to do that? Didn’t realize this time commitment? Oh, I’m sorry, then sit your ass back down in the stands.

This Rockstar of a parent actually called the principal and complained!!! Really? The principal agreed to set up a conference just so the CC could explain his policy and guidelines for expectations and player performance criteria to this parent, although the parent thought the conference was to get his kid a starting position. It doesn’t work that way.

Turns out the parent no-showed the conference. The child in question has an older brother on our coaching staff. Big brother had sat younger brother down with mommy and daddy to explain that starting positions are earned, not given away based on seniority that very night. I guess the parents realized that dad was being a horse’s ass and the kid was actually in morning weights and actually putting effort in at practice the next day.

Kids need to learn that things are not handed to you in life simply because you think you deserve them. You actually have to work for them. I wonder if this kid’s dad will be calling his boss someday asking when Jr is getting a raise or promoted. Dad can’t fight all your battles kiddo. You actually have to put your nose to the grind and go after your goals. Sigh. Its only spring football. First game is in September. The next few months are going to be very long if this continues. At least its Saturday!


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