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Body Scrub How To For Dry Treatment Room

July 16, 2013

A massage therapist friend of mine asked me today how I set up my massage room to do a dry room body scrub/body buff. She’d come from working in salons/spas that have showers for clients. Since I went though the time to write it out for her, I thought I would share. It’s good to have on hand to know how to do it. The method I use is just something that works for me after years of doing messy scrubs without a shower available to rinse clients off. Do what works for you, or modify my guide, but this is what has worked best for me for an easy clean up. This is my procedure write up for when I’m NOT doing a massage with my body scrub.

1. Take 7-9 hand towels, wet them down and squeeze out excess. Place in hot towel cabby. (Can sprinkle essential oil of choice over towels, I like lavender and rosemary.)

2. Put two heaping tablespoons of sugar or salt scrub into small glass dish (a tea-light candle holder works very well and the small size canning jars look pretty. It’s about presentation, do what you like.), add extra oil if needed (I like grape seed). Place into towel cabby. Some use disposable plastic cups, they can break down in the heat from the cabby, that’s why I like glass. It’s less waste too. I nestle the container into the towels. The glass can get hot, use some caution when taking out.

3. Table set up: heated pad or heated blanket goes down first. (make sure you turn it on, might not be needed in the summer, but your client will love you for this extra comfort anytime of the year though!) Place fitted sheet over to protect pad or blanket, then place either a plastic sheet or a flat sheet over the fitted sheet. I prefer a flat sheet, some therapists like the plastic. I think that’s kind of creepy and it’s not comfortable. Yes, it is more laundry to do a flat sheet, but client comfort takes precedence in my business. Over that I either do a large bath towel or another flat sheet. This layer will go over the client, a large bath towel is easiest to deal with. I also place out disposable panties, which are optional, but your state/cites rules might require them. I also put out 3 hand towels, one for me, one for the client for when I’m done to brush away extra sugar while getting dressed and one to use as a modesty drape if scrubbing the stomach. Make sure you have a bolster in place for under the client’s knees and even a pillow for their head. If doing a scrub with a massage, I may not have a pillow for under the head. I place the pillows under the fitted sheet to keep them clean. (I also always have pillow cases on my pillows and change the cases with every clients. Yes, it’s more laundry, but it’s clean for your clients. You’d want the same courtesy right?)

You can also get out a body brush to dry brush the skin before the scrub. It’s stimulating and feels nice, but some therapist find it redundant.

I like to use sugar scrubs on my clients. You might be able to make your own based on your state’s rules and regulations. Clients with less sensitive skin or oily skin can tolerate a salt scrub. I like finer salts as opposed to coarse grain. I only add pure essential oils and I don’t buy salts that have lots of random ingredients in them. Ingredients in your scrub should only consist of salt/sugar, some type of oil (olive, grape seed, hazelnut seed, almond it jojoba) and essential oils. Occasionally you can find scrubs with dried herbs in them. I LOVE those. If making your own, you can add different things for aroma or healing properties. Just be sure to do a thorough intake to make sure your client isn’t allergic to anything you might be using.

Let’s get started with procedure:
*Have client fully undress while you step out of room. Offer her the option of the disposable undies and instruct her to get under the body towel or the top sheet.

Once client is settled in, you can start pretty much anywhere and you can do this procedure in a number of ways. Some like to scrub the body down, then remove the scrub. I like to dry brush, scrub, remove with hot towels, replace draping, move on to next body part.

I start with the legs and usually do the right one first. I pull back the sheet or towel just to the hip, making sure the client still has her modesty. First I gently brush the skin with a dry body brush moving upward. I don’t use it on the bottom of the feet, that’s kind of odd. I then gently rub the scrub all over the leg using upward motions. I bend the leg at the knee and do the underside of the calf, knee and thigh. I do the feet too, using a bit more time and pressure at the heels. One leg takes 5-7 minutes. I remove by placing a hand towel down the leg. (I use larger hand towels, they are awesome.) I gently work toward the ankle and remove as much scrub as possible. I finish with the feet. Now do the other leg.

Next you can do the stomach, first place your extra hand towel over the breast area. With some finesse you can then pull the large towel or flat sheet down without exposing the client. Working in a clockwise motion, you can dry brush, then scrub the abdomen. Remove with towel and cover the client back up. (Some clients won’t want to have their stomaches done, its very personal, i always ask first!) Arms are easy enough, spend extra time at the elbows, and be sure to do the hands too! At this point you should be 20-22 minutes into the service. I like to also do the collar bones/chest area with the arms. Some therapists will also do a quick swipe down the cleavage quickly. It’s about comfort level, if you are uncomfortable doing that, your client also won’t like it. I do this just because of sun damage we as women get from bathing suits and low cut tops. Do it quickly and and it’s a detail your clients will appreciate.

To do the back, I have the client sit forward. I spend time massaging the scrub into the shoulders, all the way down to the top of the hips. The hot towel feels amazing on the back during removal. I sometimes do an additional extra towel on the back.

Help the client lean back down and you can finish with a scalp massage. You should be at 35-40 minutes. You can round the service out to a full hour by applying a body lotion after removing the scrub with hot towels. Coconut oil or pure Shea butter are great options.

Some people like to dry brush the whole body, scrub the whole body, remove the scrub from the whole body then finish with lotion. I like to do body parts from start to finish. It’s personal preference. You can also roll up the extra flat sheet under the client as you work to get rid of the salt residue. Sometimes it’s an irritating extra step, but if you are going to do a facial or massage after your scrub, you might appreciate not having salt continue to to stick everywhere. There’s all sorts of things you can do to add this on to other services or make it flow from one service into another.

I charge $55 for a body scrub as a stand alone service. If added to a massage or facial I only charge $30. It’s an awesome add-on!


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  1. Great! Thankyou so very much. I took a scrub class but had not used it on paying clients yet. This was lovely as a refresher! Now! To round up some practice clients!!

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