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New Part Time Job

September 21, 2013

About 4 weeks ago a girl that I met when I was in beauty school for manicuring back in 2010 contacted me via Facebook. She and another friend purchased the salon they were working at in June and she was badly in need of a massage therapist. She wanted to know if I knew someone or if I was possibly interested.

I asked her for more information. Hours she was looking to have filled, pay scale, rental, ect. She asked me to call her at that point and we had a nice long chat. Her current massage girl was “on call”, except she never answered her phone, and when she did, she wasn’t always available. She needed someone reliable who actually wanted to work. She was in the unfortunate position of having to turn people away.

I let her know I was looking to leave the spa I was currently filling in at. I’m not willing to give up my office space, but I told her that I could do Tuesdays and Thursdays and some Saturday mornings. She promptly booked me for an interview.

I was happy to discover in this interview that she paid a commission of 45% and I would be an employee. I was expected to be in the salon for my selected shifts, and could pick up additional hours anytime. She would supply sheets (score!) and body scrub products, I’d have to bring towels, hot stones, oils, and creams. That’s easy enough to do and I immediately knew I wanted this job. She was impressed that I brought a resume with references and she delighted in my practiced modalities. She and her partner appreciated my education and knowledge in this industry. As a formality we booked a practical interview* and as I walked out the door she whispered in my ear that the job was mine if I wanted it.

After my practical interview two days later she wanted to get me scheduled on the books. In all fairness, I was obligated to my other job to give a two week minimum notice (It is just good business to do that anyway, this industry is small and gossipy, unprofessionalism will follow you.), so I informed her that as soon as I had a last date at the old place, I would give her a first date to start on. In the meantime, I offered to work a few Saturdays. She mentioned that she’d love for me to come full time, but she doesn’t need another manicurist and her Esti’s are pretty booked. I told her that my rent was too cheep at my other location to give that up and I’m too busy with nails to not provide that service. I offered to be willing to be on call as well and to let her know when I can stay later on a Saturday or have time to be booked on a Friday. It was a fair compromise.

Typically, especially in my experiences over the last 10 years, and even more so with commission based spas, when one gives their notice, regardless of whether it’s a 2 week or 30 day notice, you can be expected to be let go that day. (I have seen renters get asked to leave same day as giving notice, it is rare, but seemed to happen if the owner just didn’t like that person.) This is usually done so that you don’t have a free moment to get client information and let your regulars know you are leaving. Yes there are ways around that, and it’s easy to do, but people will find you and come see you if you don’t go too far. (I once got hired at a place that had written into the contract that if you left there, you couldn’t work within a 20 mile radius of that spa or open your own spa for an extended time period. You can’t seriously enforce that and who the hell would agree to that anyway? Needless to say, I didn’t take the job. That was ridiculous and I didn’t need that job that badly.) Anyway, imagine my surprise, and slight disappointment, that I wasn’t let go upon giving my 3 week notice. I think part of it was that after 2 1/2 years of working there while simultaneously running my own studio, the owner knew she could trust me. She’s correct to assume that.

Today is my first Saturday in the new place in two weeks I’ll start my first Tuesday shift. I expect it to work out nicely. I think it’s going to be a little slow to start, but I’m up to the challenge and hope to rebuild their massage clientele. I will be sure to let you know how is goes.

*Practical Interview: In the beauty industry it’s pretty common, mostly for commission based spas and salons, to ask you to do some sort of practical before getting hired. I’ve done 30 minute facials, brow waxes, make up applications and 30-60 minute massages. Just depends on the spa and their protocol. It should not be dreaded, do not assume the owner just wants a free service either. It’s an assessment of your talent. This is when you can pull out all your tricks and show off. It’s to help you get your job, it benefits you.


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