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LUSH Skin Care Convert

October 10, 2013

I’ve had this on going battle with my face the last few months. It’s been so oily and nothing has worked to set it right. I even went as far to adjust my supplements to be sure that I’m getting the right things into my body, and of course I am anal about my water intake. (About two years ago my mom got me a 32 oz Bobble water bottle. I don’t know where she found it, but I love that thing. I have had a lot of water bottles over the years, this one my absolute favorite. I lost it for 2 months under the seat of my car. In my defense, I thought I left it someplace. I was devastated. The 32 oz ones are not easy to find! My goal every day is to fill and finish it twice, some days are easier then others, but I carry that thing around like it’s a purse dog. It’s so beat up, but I just keep buying my replacement filters, in hot pink no less!)

Anyway, my point today is that I have tried a lot of things, but after the last 30 days, I have found something that really works for me. I had gone to LUSH over Labor Day weekend to grab my Lemony Flutter. I had also decided that day to get a cleanser. The gal hooked me up with an ounce of the Herbalism Cleanser.


I was instantly hooked. I love the way it smells, and I love what it does to my face. Over the course of the last 30 days, I mostly only use it at night. I occasionally use it in the morning, and I have only used up about half of what she gave me. It makes my skin feel fresh without stripping it. Exactly what I needed. She also gave me a sample of Ocean Salts, which after three days of using, I went in to get the full size.

On my return to LUSH, I scooped up Ultrabland. I needed a make up remover, and this fits the bill. It cuts straight though my mascara and eyeshadow primer. I adore it. I slather about a nickel sized amount on my face and remove it with a clean face towel wetted down with hot water. (every night I use a new one. I bought a stack of them at Home Goods for less then $10. I think it was a pack of 6, maybe 8. I just drop it in with my work laundry every night. Makes it so easy.) It takes off everything and leaves a great finish. I’m convinced it allows Herbalism to preform at its finest.


After the Ultrabland I use the Herbalism, then the Ocean Salt. I don’t use a lot of the Ocean Salt and I rub it very gently on my face and neck. A little does go a long way. Twice a week I use the Aztec Clay mask I mentioned in another post, and that helps a lot. I did happen to buy the large container of the Ocean Salt. I expect that it will last a year. It’s huge.


At night, I finish this all off with the Enzymion moisturizer. Sometimes I switch it up with the Trader Joe’s Oil Free Antioxidant Facial Moisturizer. It’s a steal for $8, but worth it! I always use the Enzymion in the morning. It helps keep the “shinnies” at bay, but my skin still feels soft, not greasy. Plus, I love anything with enzymes. They act like little Pac-men to keep your cellular turnover rate up. What’s not to love about that? Bright, clear skin that’s not shinny? Please and thank you!


Here’s another tip I’ve come up with to make myself take that 5-7 minutes to take care of my face before bed: We have a downstairs bathroom, and before I head upstairs to go to bed at night, I wash my face. It makes it much easier to remind myself. Sometimes after a long day, all I want to do is come home and get my skin clean anyway, this makes it so simple. By the time I go upstairs at night, I just want to be in my bed, who has time to think about their face? It’s so easy to make the time wash my face after dinner, this is how having my night time routine products downstairs made my life a little simpler.

Thats my LUSH routine. I shower in the mornings use an organic sweet orange and hemp facial cleanser on my face, which, like i said before, i follow with the Enzymion. It’s a simple basic cleanser and a good “wake me up” for my face. I get it at a local spa here, it’s from their private label. What do you for your skin? Anything amazing that’s changed your life?

  1. I really like Enzymion 🙂 I know how refreshing it is to find a routine that totally works, I’m pleased for you 🙂


  2. If you are only using herbalisim once a day I would say use it in the morning because if you are using ultrabland at night to take make-up off, it will be cleasing your skin anyway – so no need for herbalisim after 🙂 I would also be inclined to limit Ocean Salt to twice a week as it is really scrubby and you don’t want to be too harsh with your face. Enzymion is the moisturiser I use too – gotta love it! and I opt for skin drink at night as it’s a little richer 🙂


    • I’m using the Herbalism at night too because with my oily skin, using just the Ultra Bland leaves me a bit too greasy. The Herbalism is giving me the balance my skin really needed. I can’t get over what an amazing cleanser it is. I am so grateful for LUSH’s amazing products!


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