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Football. Family. Marriage. Our Life.

January 27, 2014

We’ve been starting to work on one of our biggest football fundraisers we do every year and the underlying theme of family keeps coming up. Football is a huge part of our marriage (naturally), but it’s more so because of the people we have around us then the actual game. We have met so many amazing people, and because of having CC in my life, I have met people I never would have known. Football has also brought other friends closer to us and allowed us to create this family of supporters that we can depend on.

I’m not a football lover myself. I honestly don’t care about the game itself. It’s the people I love. I love CC’s passion for what he does. I think it’s amazing that he gets to get up everyday and do what he loves. I love the excitement that football brings to the kids. I love watching them support each other. I love our coaches and the time that they spend with the kids and with us. I do love how it’s brought our friends out to the games. I love that they cheer along side me. I love that there are a group of us supporting my husband through wins and losses. (Sometimes it takes a village.)

What got to me over the weekend was that there are people I have come to love that wouldn’t be in our lives if football wasn’t involved. We never would have met Coach M, she wouldn’t be family if football hadn’t brought her to us. I wouldn’t know K and she wouldn’t be one of my best friends. L and her husband J wouldn’t be a presence in our lives. JR wouldn’t be my go to handyman! There’s a ton of memories and moments that simply would not exist if it wasn’t for these wonderful people and the original one common factor we all have: Football.

I never expected this to happen when CC and I got married. Sure I have dear friends of my own, and they support us too! But my life wouldn’t have been shaped the way it is now without these inspiring people who come from all over, with all sorts of life experiences that they have shared. Everyone of them has made me strive to be the best version of myself because all I want is to be the best friend possible to show my thankfulness for them and to let them know I’m grateful for the marks they are leaving on my life.

We have even made stronger friendships with other people in our lives as they have come out to countless games and fundraisers and meetings. I can’t express how much it means to have people on this ride with us that have gotten tied to football simply because they love CC and I. (Thank you J and N!)

I have a cousin who is getting married in the fall, smack dab in the middle of football season. On the other side of the country. I’ve told my mom that I will not be attending. For 10 weeks out of the year my life in dominated by football. CC needs me. He looks for me every Friday night in the stands. You can bet your ass that he or another coach calls me if I’m not in those stands prior to kickoff. My choosing to stay here and be with CC, who obviously couldn’t go anyway, seems to be creating a rift. Not everyone understands our dedication. Not everyone gets how we end up in a bubble those 10 weeks. And that’s okay. I understand that, but this is our life. It’s our priority for those weeks. It’s the commitment CC made when he chose to coach. It’s the paper he signed with every coaching job. It’s what he preaches to the kids because it’s what he practices. It’s what our coaches do, it’s what our football family lives for.

I think my parents figure he’ll stop this eventually, that CC and I will sell our condo and buy a house (we like our small space, we don’t need more room, we’re not home enough!). I think they hope we’ll settle down and at least consider having children. At 33 years old, I’m perfectly happy cheering on the 75 kids we already have! Not to mention the ones who’ve graduated who still come back to see us and sit through practices and games to support CC and all he did for them.

Our “blood” families think that Matt should focus more heavily on his teaching position and getting tenure. But the truth is that without the head coach position, the teaching position wouldn’t exist. CC excels in the classroom. His reviews are always top notch, his kids pass because they are learning, not because his classes are a cakewalk. (Which they aren’t.) Tenure is coming next year, but coaching won’t go away.

This is our life. This is a huge part of our marriage. Football was so hard for me to make time for in the beginning. Once I surrendered, it all clicked. Everything fell in place. CC makes time for me and our house and our marriage. Me supporting him makes everything stronger because he’s always within my arm’s reach when I need him. The give and take is there, the ebbs and flows have finally found a rhythm that works for us.

Football used to be something that happened while I waited for baseball to start, now it’s where life happens. Even though the actual season is 10 very short weeks, it’s something we do year round. CC works on football everyday. Our football family is the glue in all of this. It’s the large investment we put our hearts and souls into because who else is there when you leave the field to celebrate wins and morn losses? It’s more then a game, so much more. It’s why I use the collective “we” and not “his” or “he’s”. This is my life, this is what makes the world go round. This is why I get up in the morning. It’s for family.


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