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When Was Your Last Massage?

September 30, 2016

Let me ask you that again, real quick: When was your last massage?

Did you have to think about it? Then let me tell you this, it’s been too long.

Why aren’t you getting massages? Time, money, family? Freaked out about the process or someone seeing you partially naked? If you just don’t like it, that is a whole other issue (we’ll get back to that), but why aren’t you taking a moment for yourself? Do you make time for yourself? Never had one? I know that’s a lot of questions, but let’s go through them.


This is the hardest part I believe, even your own massage therapist is bad about this. Trust me. Ask her how often she gets massaged. (If she’s getting massages regularly she likely has someone wonderful to trade with, and I am jealous of her.) Time is hard to share. Time is hard to find. But here’s the thing, you can find the time, and you can make it. Yes it seems hard, but sometimes we need to be selfish, we need to put our needs first. If we cannot take proper care of ourselves, how on earth can we be expected to take care of those we love around us?

Mom took the kids this morning and your husband is golfing? Perfecto! Go get a massage! You got off work early and have two hours alone? Go spoil yourself. You checked the calendar and see that you have a quiet Saturday with nothing to do coming up? Maybe planning a Netflix binge day and don’t want to change out of your jammies? Call me. Come in to my office in your pajamas, get a massage, go home, eat cake and watch Grace and Frankie all day. (By the way, if you haven’t watched Grace and Frankie, you need to.)


I get it. Getting a massage is expensive. It’s a treat, a birthday surprise, a gift certificate you got from your mother-in-law that she didn’t want to use herself. Let me ask you this, do you workout? Do you experience stress? Have you recently experienced emotional trauma or turmoil? Yes? You need a massage!

How many times did you splurge on a fancy coffee this week? How many times did you go out to lunch this week or even this month? If you get a $5 (or more) coffee everyday day, that adds up. A week’s worth of lunches dining out could easily be upwards of $60 in a week. If you brought your own lunch or made your coffee at home, for just a week, you have just paid for your monthly massage. If you were really diligent, you just bought yourself a 90 minute massage.

A lot of people budget in monthly massages because they treat them as part of their health and wellness care.  Just like their workouts, or their regular doctor visits or chiropractic care. Massage helps the body to perform and function better, investing in your body will make you healthier and happier.

Family Priorities

Yes, time with your kids and partner and loved ones is very important. Extremely. It’s hard to get away. it’s hard to add this into a tight budget or calendar. You don’t have to do it once a month, but if you can get massages scheduled in a timeframe that suites you, you WILL feel better. You will be happier because you have made time for yourself. You allowed yourself to be important for an hour of your time. It’s hard to justify that time. It seems frivolous. But it really is not. If you need to quiet your mind, have someone take care of you and make you a priority for a hour or more, go do this for yourself.  You owe it to yourself. You deserve it. If it’s your spouse that needs it, buy them a massage, schedule it for them and tell them where to be at what time. If you can find a massage therapist that can come to your home, sometimes that makes things easier. You and your partner can trade off on watching the kids, or maybe you don’t have kids and just don’t want to leave the comfort of your home.

Whatever, there is a way to make this happen without taking away precious time from the people we love in our life. They want you to be happy and to do things that make you happy. Does getting a massage make you happy? It does?! Me too! Go get a massage! Schedule it, now!

Getting a Massage Freaks Me Out.

Why do you feel this way? First of all, if body issues are keeping you from getting a massage, you are looking at massage the wrong way. Massage helps your body feel better. Massage can help you feel better about your body. Massage therapists aren’t sitting around judging your body. We are doing massage because we love the human body. We find it fascinating. That includes ALL bodies. Every color, every size, all shapes. Everyone is different and unique. This is a plus for us as professionals, we are always learning something new or being challenged in a different way because the human body is constantly changing. Even our regular clients aren’t the same month to month.

Massage can help you fully embrace the skin that you are in and realize how incredible it is how the body works. Massage is also positive touch. It is about loving your body and your soul. The whole reason for getting a massage is, again, to make your body feel better, to put the pieces back together. You have one person taking their time to focus on you and your body, what is more body positive than that? I don’t care that you didn’t shave your legs, or that you have a weird tattoo, or that you have scars you want to hide, or that you weigh 30 pounds more than your goal weight. My job is deeper then the surface of your skin. My job is to make you feel whole, to make you feel cared for, and to make the pain go away.

Additionally, do you worry about getting “naked” in front of a stranger? Here’s the rub (see what I did there?), you aren’t getting naked in front of anyone. The massage therapist leaves the room so you can get comfortable on the massage table (never call it a bed). You can leave your undies on. Even your pants if you want too if you are only getting your upper body worked on. I have a client that likes to come in for a 30 minute foot rub and she just lays on top of the table fully clothed, and that works for me! I won’t ask you to do anything that makes you uncomfortable, neither will any other respectable therapist!

Once you are on the table, body parts are only exposed as they are getting worked on. If  I am rubbing your arms, everything else is covered. I don’t want to see you naked, and I won’t. Things that need to stay covered will stayed covered. Your comfort is a huge priority for the therapist. This is how you build trust.

Don’t like Massage?!

Let’s discuss this. Why? Why don’t you like it? Yes, some people just don’t like massage and I understand that and it’s no big deal. It isn’t for everyone. However, if you are refraining from getting a massage due to a weird or bad experience, please come back. Please? There are massage therapists everywhere. There is someone out there who is perfect for you. It is just like finding a great relationship or a long term friendship. Find out who your friends go to, see who your chiropractor recommends, ask around at your gym. Find a therapist who’s style you like and who’s training meets your needs. Maybe deep tissue work isn’t for you and you need a fluffy, lovey massage that just makes you relax and fall asleep. You also might be on the opposite end of that and like your massage to hurt and feel like a train hit you the next day. That’s not bad either, but you need to find someone strong and not every therapist can do that. But they are out there! Don’t let a onetime experience stop you from enjoying the benefits of massage therapy. There really is someone for everyone. You can find  your perfect match.

Massage Virgin? (My favorite!)

If I haven’t explained enough for you already to make you go out and get a massage, just go do that now. Go. Go book one. Get back to me and then we can chat. You are missing out on the opportunity to have your mind, body, and soul feel better and more functional. You need this in your life. Whether it is once a month, when the seasons change, or because you need to unplug for an hour because the world can be positively overwhelming sometimes and you just want your mind to be quiet for a bit. Allow this for yourself. You are worth it.


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