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Books I’ve Read 2014

I mentioned in a post earlier this year that I challenged myself to read a book a week this year. This is my list of books I’ve read so far. I’m ahead of the game, and I’m enjoying the reading.

6/22/14 – I have noticed a theme with my favorite authors. I knew who I liked to read the most anyway, but I am glad have interspersed my favorite crime authors with the other books I have picked up. This challenge has also forced me to the used bookstore more often (Maybe too often, my “Need to Read” pile has at least 10 books in it, and I have 3 paperbacks that I bought for 1 cent each on Amazon in the mail on their way to me right now!). The upside is that I have worked my way though almost all of Brad Meltzer’s books that I was yet to read. I adore his writing and this has been a great reason to really tackle all of his other novels. Hell, who am I kidding, this challenge as forced me to really devour things I have had on my “Must Read” list for over 6 years! The other benefit is that I have been social media less and I don’t miss it. Books are so much more interesting then superficial fluff!

10/2/14 – So much good stuff! I’ve been so happy with what I have been reading! I am 3 books away from my goal! I have a stack of 8 books to read next to my stereo and at least 3 more on the way to me in the mail. (I’ve been buying used books for $3-4 off eBay and Amazon.) The little used book store that I frequent has been greeting me with smiles every time I come in with my bag of “trade-ins”. I went through and cleaned out the stacks if books CC and I have accumulated. Which resulted in me discovering books that we owned that I wanted to read. I traded books with my girl friends all summer long, and got introduced to a new Young Adult author. I know that I will easily beat my goal, but it’s been so enjoyable to finally read the books on my Amazon wish lists and to discover new authors. I’ve grown as a reader this year, that’s the part I am enjoying the most.

Books I’ve read 2014

1. Silver linings playbook – Matthew Quick
2. Hound Dog – Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller
3. Orange is the new black – Piper Kerman
4. Confessions of a latter day virgin – Nicole Hardin
5. Guilt – Jonathan Kellerman
6. The DROP – Michael Connley
8. Extremely loud and incredibly close
9. Deception – Jonathan Kellerman
10. The black box – Michael Connley
11. Divergent – Veronica Roth
12. The Inner Circle – Brad Meltzer
13. Insurgent – Veronica Roth
14. Allegiant – Veronica Roth
15. NOS4A2 – Joe Hill
16. The Zero Game – Brad Meltzer
17. I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell – Tucker Max
18. We Bought A Zoo – Benjamin Mee
19. Uganda Be Kidding Me- Chelsea Handler
20. Broken Summers -Henry Rollins
21. The Millionaires – Brad Meltzer
22. Brave New World – Aldois Huxley
23. The Gods of Guilt – Michael Connelly
24. The Fault in Our Stars – John Green
25. Reading Lolita in Teharn – Azar Nafisi
26. The Over Look – Michael Connelly
27. Dead Even – Brad Meltzer
28. The Fifth Assassin – Brad Meltzer
29. Kabul Beauty School – Deborah Rodriquez
30. The Road to Woodstock – Michael Lang
31. Joyland – Stephen King
32. Plain Truth – Jodi Picoult
33. Unbound – Celeste Bradley and Susan Donovan
34. Indiscretion – Charles Dubow
35. Four- Veronica Roth
36. Gardens of water – Alan drew
37. The Storyteller – Jodi Picoult
38. With my body – Nikki Gemmell
39. The Fifth Witness – Michael Connelly
40. Thereby hangs a tail – Spencer Quinn
41. One Hit Wonder – Charlie Carillo
42. Killer – Jonathan kellerman
43. The Memory Keeper’s Daughter – Kim Edwards
44. The Orphan Train – Christina Baker Kline
45. Empire of the Summer Moon – S.C. Gwynne
46. Delirium – Lauren Oliver
47. Fight Club – Chuck Palahniuk
48. Pandemonium – Lauren Oliver
49. Requiem – Lauren Oliver
50. The Delivery Man – Joe McGinniss Jr.
51. Vox – Nicholson Baker
52. The Tenth Justice – Brad Meltzer
53. How To be A Woman – Caitlin Moran
54. Tipping the Velvet -Sarah Waters
55. The Gospel of Anarchy – Justin Taylor
56. Summer People – Brian Groh

1/3/15 – I noticed that once the holidays set in that I really tapered off on the time I was making to sit and read a book. Ultimately though, I am very satisfied with this list. Same challenge stands for 2015. Game on!

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