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January Beauty-by-Mail

Okay, it’s been a awhile. I’m getting back to it right now. A lot has been going on and I haven’t had the time. But here’s all the beauty items I got by mail this month, enjoy!

My Rodan and Fields favorites

Sephora Play


Julep selections for January


November Sephora Play and Ipsy

Two okay bags, combined about half the products I’ll keep. 
I adore the Ipsy bag that all my goodies came it. It’s already in my purse for my day-to-day beauty items. 

Cut the Crap

I’ve been on a mission this month to get rid of or use up older beauty products. I have so many things in my home (and at my office) that I really need to use, sell, donate or throw out. I did a mini clean up of my make up case this morning, and I got rid of a lot of stuff. Nearly everything  that I didn’t buy this year that was still sitting in the kit got thrown out. If it wasn’t opened it went into a pile on my desk to get sold on eBay. There was quite a few things that ended up in both piles.
I have my nighttime routine products in my downstairs bathroom, and that cabinet was cleaned out last month, I’ve been slowly doing the same in the upstairs bathroom. I realized that I also have a habit of saving the empty containers of products that I would like to purchase again. These I put aside under the bathroom sink. Next year I will remember why I saved them, laugh at myself and then throw them away. This is a perfectly acceptable plan of action. (For then most part I’m pretty good about repurchasing my favorites, but I keep empties as a reminder.)
At work I’ve been trying to work my way through half empty tubes of hand cream and foot/body scrubs. I’m not allowing myself to buy anything new as long as I have things that I can use. At work I am really good about writing the dates I opened products on their containers. That way I can easily chuck something that has been opened for too long. I like having an assortment of scents for clients to chose from for their services, but all those unused products are literally money sitting on the shelves. If it’s something I haven’t opened, I smack a price tag on it and sell it if it isn’t too old.

I can’t hoard products anymore. I don’t have the space. Additionally, I think in the next year or two we will be moving. Maybe in town, possibly 100 miles away, and there is the tiniest possibility we could end up out of the country. (no joke, CC was invited to come coach American football overseas, apparently they need coaches in European countries like American football.) 
Anyway, if moving is at all a possibility, I want to cut down on the clutter, that includes cosmetics as well as household goods. Also, I get tired of stuff. I can’t justify keeping things I won’t use or don’t like. I have no problem with chucking a product I don’t like, just like I always have a box I’m filling for charity donations. When I’m done, I’m done. Moving on.

Football 2016 Wrapup

Friday marked the end of our football season. It was another great year. We finished again going 6-4 with a playoff berth and pulled the unfortunate draw again of having to play the same team we played last year, who once again was in the top 10 teams in our STATE. 

We didn’t win. The kids played really well and the sophomores that got pulled up to play did an excellent job, leaving much hope for the future. 

This season tested us more than others have as of recent. The expectation to prove last year’s playoff berth wasn’t a fluke was there. Which was hard. We eeked ourselves in there thank goodness. We had some challenges with kids, staff and games that were lost that shouldn’t have been. We are also losing two wonderful coaches for next year. CC is hoping an old friend is going to step back onto the staff to help with the coming seasons.

Overall it was a success. Our playoff draw was a bummer, but we made it through relatively unscathed. The kids are ready for next year and I’m wondering what that will look like. 

The opportunities to move to another school have come up. At least two other programs have offered CC head coach jobs. The discussion to take a defensive coaching position at the local state university has also been presented, as well as a random job in Serbia no less. (Not kidding. He’s obviously not going to take it, but he at least ran it by me for discussion for a hot second. Not exactly the move we wanted to make!)

So we’ll see where we end up. I expect that we the current situation won’t change. He may surprise me. Even if he does chose to make a move, I’ll still be right here. His biggest cheerleader. 

Weight is Coming Off 

So glad to have reached single digits on my way to my first huge weight loss goal. I’m 9 pounds from the first goal I have ever set in my life regarding my weight. I have lost 56 pounds. I am astonished and proud of all my hard work. 

On Sunday I pulled out a stack of jeans to find a pair that fit in the waist and weren’t too baggy everywhere else, as this is my current issue with jeans. I grabbed a pair and tried them on. They buttoned up and felt lovely on. A pair of Levi’s. I wore them in my engagement photos nearly 7 years ago. It wasn’t much longer after that I must have stopped wearing them, there was a hair tie in the pocket. I haven’t had hair long enough to necessitate the need for a hair tie since June of 2010. (Well, not entirely true, my current hair needs it, but that’s only in the last 8 months.)

Anyway. The jeans fit. The weight is coming off. I like the way I look naked. I’m still hoping to be down a full 66 pounds by December 31st. It’s a reality. 

Foot Peel! 

I’ve been dying to try one of these things! I got a deal on Ipsy for $10 for this kit.
It came with two uses so that was even better! 

It was very easy to use. The booties secured with some built in tape. The hard part was sitting for an hour because I was afriad of slipping and falling in the booties. 

All in all, it works very well. My feet started peeling around day 4 and continued to peel for about the following 5 days. My feel look very nice and the callouses on the back of my heals are gone. I didn’t take pictures because some people find feed icky. I do have a second peel to use and I will do full pictures for that one. I probably won’t do it before December, but I recommend this product and will be purchasing it again. 

New Piercing 

Added some new temporary rituals to my beauty routine this week. A new nose piercing required daily special cleaning and I stretched my ears from a 6g to a 4g. That required a daily application of oil to keep them soft and to help the process along. I like to use a product called Miracle Oil from Earthly Body. I use it for healing tattoos, my cuticles, bug bites. All sorts of stuff. I’m always looking to try new products too when it comes to body modifications. Everybody seems to have individualized routines for their piercings and tattoos. It’s amazing how personal that is for people. 


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